Mobile Business Cards

What exactly is a Mobile Business Card?


OK here we’ve got our mobile device and we got Google up on it.

So let’s get it in into the center of the screen.

Well have a look at it.

What I want to do is I want to actually show you what a business card or a Mobile Business Card is all about what it looks like.

So I’m going to go and show you mine.

So I really just need a typing Fred Gillen slash Fred Gillen dot com, slash, BC, for business card.

There ya go, and we hit return and you see My Business Card and then I open it up and we’ve got the email so you could send me an email.

I click on that it will actually open up your email client which is fine. So we go back to the browser to cancel that. Delete the draft.

Go back drop that down got the telephone, we’ve got that,
you could tap to CALL.

You can tap to SMS me and you [00:01:00] can find out where I work from. So all of this can be done at your leisure at your location. So you want to find out more about our business cards, just give me a call and I’ll show you the number to ring.

So they it is there, 0 4 0 3 8 6 5 6 7 7.

And we’re actually supplying that to you. [00:01:30] So the other thing that happens is that you can actually save this to your desktop by simply clicking the ADD TO HOME SCREEN here, just on the corner.

So we click on that and it tells you, you want to do it and we’ll add it to the desktop.

And I’ve got two pictures here and we’ve got My Business Card on your desktop ready to roll.

And we could do that for you so you can pass card to anybody that you like.

Click on it and it opens up my business card and tells you exactly how to get in touch with me any time you like.

How cool is that, no more printing.

No more loss cards, no more cards sitting in your cupboard doing nothing.

Here you go, get with technology, get a business card from me right now.

<End Of Transcript>

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